Social landlords to promote Green Deal scheme

540 homes on 13 social housing estates are having money saving, energy efficient improvements thanks to funding of almost £5.3m announced by Environment Minister, John Griffiths. Installation work is expected to be completed by July.

Some of the properties will be used as demonstration homes, to show people how the Green Deal scheme could help them make similar improvements to their own home.

The Green Deal scheme helps people make energy home improvements, like fitting insulation and double glazing, to make their home more comfortable and to help to reduce energy bills. It lets the homeowner pay for some or all of the improvements over time through their electricity bill. Repayments will be no more than what a typical household should save in energy costs – so the short term bill will be no higher than current levels but will have longer term savings.

Minister John Griffiths said: “A continuing upward trend in fuel prices has a direct effect on fuel poverty and means we must do all we can to ensure that Welsh homes are fit for the future and more efficient for people to keep warm.

“The UK Government’s welfare reforms will have a huge and damaging effect on Wales, hitting the most vulnerable in our communities through to low-middle income families.

“We are committed to taking action that makes a real, sustainable difference to people across Wales. Some of the homes being fitted out with these improvements will be open to the public, offering a good opportunity for people to see how their own home could benefit from similar improvements.

“The Green Deal scheme is an example of sustainability in action – it brings social benefits, it supports the economy and it protects our environment.”

Thirteen projects will receive grants of between £45,000 and £780,000.

Installation of improvements will be done by Welsh-based firms, or those that have offices here, helping to sustain Wales’ growing green economy

A total of £2,379,249 is being granted to thirteen projects. The Welsh Government is providing £1,732,249.5 and £647,000 is coming from the UK Government’s Department of Energy & Climate Change. The rest of the funds are provided by social landlords, and through the new ECO scheme for energy companies.