36  Altro East Norfolk Sixth Form College 2Altro WalkwayTM 20 safety flooring installed 14 years ago at East Norfolk Sixth Form, a top-performing college in the county, is still going strong and has recently passed stringent slip tests.

Slip resistance was measured in a high-traffic corridor at the college using the ‘pendulum test’ method recommended by the HSE. After testing in both wet and dry conditions, the slip resistance of the Altro Walkway flooring after 14 years of use was confirmed as a pendulum value, or TRRL, of 43, well within the ‘low’ slip risk category which the HSE defines at 36 or above.

Like all Altro safety flooring, Altro Walkway uses a unique construction of flexible, high-grade vinyl with slip-resistant grains embedded throughout the wear layer of the product, ensuring a durable surface that is slip-resistant for the life of the flooring.

Some safety floors do not offer this level of sustained slip-resistance and can fall below the HSE’s minimum standards with use. This means that even if you choose flooring that meets the requirements when first laid, you could still find yourself facing litigation if that flooring loses slip-resistance with use.

Ideal for busy heavy-traffic areas, Altro Walkway is a hugely popular, hard-wearing, 2mm safety flooring, providing lifelong slip and abrasion resistance. Additional benefits include superior chemical and indentation resistance, which adds to its excellent durability.

Mike Hodds, maintenance technician at East Norfolk Sixth Form, said: “Altro Walkway was installed in the college corridors in 1999. With 1,800 students and 200 members of staff, you can imagine the level of foot traffic that the floor has seen over the course of 14 years. It’s very impressive that a safety floor should last that long without any need for replacement or repair.”

Mike continued: “The recent slip resistance tests proved that Altro Walkway can withstand the rigours of extreme usage over time. This result is a combination of product quality and the care we have taken to maintain the floors well over the years.”

The performance of Altro Walkway at the college has led to the product being selected again as part of an ongoing new-build programme – alongside two other Altro safety flooring products.

“We are so pleased with the performance of Altro Walkway and Altro in general that we had no hesitation on specifying it again when it came to choosing flooring for corridors in the new buildings,” said Mike Hodds. “Slip resistance and ease of maintenance were key factors in our decision, and Altro has proved unbeatable in these areas.”

In addition to Altro Walkway, Altro SupremaTM II safety flooring has been laid in a new catering area in the college, with wood look safety flooring used in the new dining and serving area.

Offering an impressive palette of 40 colours, design-led Altro Suprema II creates any mood, from subtle to bold and inventive and is perfect for areas where safety flooring isn’t traditionally used. The product has been developed in consultation with customers, architects, end users and colour consultants, taking into account current, future and interior trends.

Altro Suprema II incorporates Altro Easyclean MaxisTM PUR Technology for superior cleanability and colour retention.
The latest flooring installation at the college was handled by Easifloor, which has been working with Altro for 30 years. Project Manager Ashley Milson said: “The College project went very smoothly and the client was happy with the results. Our relationship with Altro goes back a long way and the product quality and service we receive from them is always superb.”