Busy Hallway In College With Students
Busy Hallway In College With Students

Altro has combined two of its popular 2.5mm safety flooring ranges to create Altro RelianceTM 25 – the robust solution for tough areas.

Altro DesignerTM 25 and Altro UnityTM 25 have merged under the new name Altro Reliance 25, making it even easier to select from Altro’s product range. Altro Reliance 25 has a palette of 27 colours, giving the design flexibility with the durability you would expect from Altro’s 2.5mm safety range. It also includes Altro Easyclean Maxis PURTM technology for easier cleaning and maintenance.

At 2.5mm thick, Altro Reliance 25 safety flooring provides a supreme standard of durability. The extra 25% thickness makes it significantly more robust than 2mm safety flooring, with resistance to impact damage, mechanical and physical damage and point loading. It can cope with high levels of foot and wheeled traffic without compromising on slip resistance.

Thicker flooring dissipates the energy more effectively, making the flooring less likely to de-bond, minimising and even preventing damage to the subfloor. It also offers enhanced chemical resistance and copes well with moisture and temperature extremes, making it perfect for areas that need to work hard under a variety of conditions.

What’s more, with Altro’s commitment to sustained slip resistance, Altro Reliance 25 keeps your risk of a slip to just 1 in a million for the lifetime of the product, which means you can trust it to continue to perform with high levels of foot and wheeled traffic.

An ideal choice for busy corridors in healthcare and education environments, as well as laboratories, clinical areas and receptions in large, public buildings, Altro Reliance 25 combines perfectly with Altro Fortis wall protection system, as well as Altro Whiterock hygienic wall cladding.