AluFoldDirect SBD Doors Meet Public Sector Security Needs

Schools, hospitals and other public sector buildings want to protect the valuable goods they hold and maintain a safe environment for everybody who uses them.

AluFoldDirect manufactures and delivers Secured by Design (SBD) aluminium commercial doors direct to site, fully glazed, within two weeks, to provide effective security from burglars or intruders.

“Making commercial doors to the Secured by Design standard adds a proven level of security to ‘design out’ crime. Research shows that specifying to SBD standard can reduce the risk of crime by up to 75 percent,” says Craig Miller, Managing Director of AluFoldDirect.

“They’re great for high usage applications such as entrance doors, and for emergency exit or anti-panic requirements. This makes them a good fit for public sector buildings that may be used by vulnerable people, or might contain items such as electronic devices that are an attractive target to burglars.”

Hardware options for AluFoldDirect’s SBD commercial doors include electronic remote access for convenient, controlled entry during opening hours, or variable locking to suit different times of the day or night.

Alongside their security benefits, the doors also offer strong construction, real thermal efficiency and a good-looking appearance, for a door that ticks the boxes of architects and specifiers.

“AluFoldDirect works with architects, specifiers and developers to select the right door for each access point. All doors are precisely manufactured for right first time installation.”

AluFoldDirect thermal commercial doors are Secured by Design accredited, Q Mark accredited and Document Q-compliant, having passed PAS 24, BS EN 6375 and BS EN 1627 standards.