AUDE appoints new Chairman

AUDE (the Association for Directors of Estates) have announced the appointment of Andrew Burgess as Chairman.

Andrew Burgess is the Deputy Chief Operating Officer at Loughborough University with responsibility for strategic leadership and the development and management of a portfolio of the University’s non-academic Professional Services. He takes up the Chairmanship of AUDE at the 2014 April AGM and his term of office is one year.

“In the latest Times Higher Education World Rankings, 10 UK Universities were included in the top 100. One of the key factors in scoring is the depth, breadth and quality of facilities available to the students. It is our job to ensure that the facilities continue to be world class to attract and retain the best possible students from across the UK and internationally. AUDE and its members are at the forefront of ensuring that U.K. university estates and facilities management is of the highest quality. Andrew Burgess quotes: “I am delighted to be joining as their chair and I look forward to building on the organisation’s many strengths.”

Mark Swindelhurst, Outgoing Chair of AUDE and Director of Facilities at Lancaster University said:

“I am delighted to be handing over the AUDE reins to Andrew. He has been an active member and sage voice in our sector for many years and he brings with him a wealth of leadership experience. A thriving, professional university estates sector is a key enabler of ensuring a high quality student experience and I have no doubt that Andrew and AUDE will continue to support, guide and offer expert opinion in best practice. I wish him the best of luck.”

At Loughborough, Andrew leads the functions that include Facilities Management, imago Conference and Hotels, Campus Living, Student Services that includes Student Advice and Support, Careers and Employability, Counselling and Disability Service, Arts, Librarian and Corporate Services that includes Health and Safety, Sustainability, Environment, Security, and Teaching and Learning Environments. With this portfolio of Services Andrew is tasked with delivering a stimulating University environment for students and staff that supports the Learning, Living and Life experience.

Prior to Loughborough, Andrew was Deputy Director of Facilities Management at the University of Liverpool and Assistant Director (Facilities) at Southampton University. Andrew started his University career at University of Central Lancashire where after several internal positions became Head of Estate Management.

Andrew is also a Chartered Surveyor and has a BSC in Building Surveying and an MBA.

AUDE has existed since 1959, when the first Conference of University Building Officers was held. In 1987 the Building Officers steering committee established an Executive and in 1990 the organisation changed its name to the Association of Building Officers of the United Kingdom. Following the conferring of University status on Polytechnics in 1992 the Association of Building Officers and the Polytechnic Building Officers Group joined to form the Association of University Directors of Estates.