Bituchem Creates Landscape for Pimperne Primary School

Hard-landscaping specialists, Bituchem, have been involved in the construction of a new primary school in North Dorset.

Pimperne Primary School is situated at the edge of a rural Dorset village, where developments are required to respect and enhance the natural beauty of its setting. A study identified the previous school building could not be extended to accommodate two additional year groups, so the school has been rebuilt on a new site.

The school has been built to fit the modern curriculum, and accommodates 175 pupils. The project was managed by Dorset County Council’s Dorset Property, who specified Bituchem’s Natratex Cotswold hard-landscaping material to provide a smooth durable surface for both pedestrians and vehicles in Spring 2015.

As an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB), new developments are required to fit the natural beauty of the setting. Dorset County Council’s landscape architect, Tess Alison, commented “The Planning Authority was happy with the choice of material, as well as the result. We will be specifying Natratex again in similar situations”.

Dorset County Council had previous experience with Bituchem’s hard landscaping material when it specified it over five years ago at The Blandford School and the surface is performing very well.

Over 300 square metres of Bituchem’s 6mm Natratex Cotswold was used in pedestrian areas around the main school entrance and reception areas, and 1000 square metres of 10mm Natratex Cotswold was used on the vehicle driveway and the running surface of the carpark. Natratex is Bituchem’s flagship product and has been used for various applications in schools due to its modern aesthetics and safety benefits. The material is created using naturally-occurring aggregates bound using Bituchem’s specialist clear resin binder to give it the complete compactness that it requires. The Cotswold and grey coloured aggregates offer an aesthetically pleasing alternative to a traditional tarmac finish, with the same durable and long-lasting qualities as asphalt.

The hard-wearing, compact finish of Natratex has made it a popular choice for school playground applications, similar to Pimperne Primary School. The resin binder used to create the smooth surface reduces the likelihood of the material deteriorating and causing potholes or other breakages in the surface so eliminating trip hazards and making the material smoother and safer for young children.

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