Cable-based Water Leak Detection Systems With Instant Messaging Mitigate Disasters In High Net Worth Buildings & Protect Valuable Assets & Mission Critical Equipment

1Owners of high net worth buildings, valuable assets or mission critical equipment keen to protect the fabric and contents of their premises and reduce insurance premiums can now take positive steps to limit damage by in-stalling the new ProH2O family of cable-based water leak detection systems from Thermocable Flexible Elements Ltd.

Ideal for data centres, galleries, archives, heritage, ecclesiastical and museum buildings, the ProH2O family of products can be used as a standalone solution or integrated with an addressable or conventional building man-agement system to enhance its capabilities. Disaster alerts regarding water leakages can now be sent in real-time via email or mobile phone to estate and facilities managers thanks to its new cloud-based communications platform developed by Concirrus, specialists in cloud-based remote telemetry solutions. The system can also be tailored to include Radin Radio Valve Controllers from Alpha Micro, the machine-to-machine (M2M) communica-tion expert, to open or close valves remotely and stem the leak using a PC or mobile phone.

Commenting on the new ProH20 family of water leak detector solutions, Andrew Rayner, CEO, Ther-mocable, said, “Ensuring high value assets, data and property stay protected is a real concern for businesses and individuals. By installing a cable-based linear solution, rather than spot detectors, greater sensor coverage can be achieved.

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