No compromises with Upofloor Zero

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New Upofloor Zero contract sheet flooring offers a tough, resistant surface that is completely eco and user-friendly. Made from an innovation material called Enomer®, the flooring contains ‘zero’ PVC, chlorine, plasticizers, phthalates, halogens and heavy metals, promoting healthy indoor air. It is ideal for public spaces with high safety requirements, including hospitals and healthcare facilities.

Upofloor Zero features a mineral-based construction and has an anti-static, ionomer-reinforced surface treatment. In high traffic environments, it offers excellent durability and flexibility, and it is exceptionally resistant to scratching, staining, bacteria and chemicals. A flexible, homogeneous structure makes installation easy and sheeting can be quickly molded into awkward areas, including floor drains and up onto walls. The Ionomer surface is also easy to maintain and requires no extra treatments; several studies reveal an associated lifecycle cost reduction of up to 80%, compared to other surface treatments.

The Zero colour pallet includes 45 speckled shades – from light, pebble tones, through vibrant primaries, to deep inky shades. Additional benefits includes excellent slip resistance and an eco-focused production, in accordance with the EN 14001 standard.

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