Decothane Keeps Pendleton Housing Scheme Dry

Roofing Contractor, Weatherwell, is due to start work on site at Salix House; the ninth block of flats the company has upgraded using Sika Liquid Plastics’ Decothane liquid membrane as part of the ambitious Pendleton regeneration programme in Salford.

The scheme is the latest in a two year programme of works, which involves the upgrade of 1,250 existing homes by main contractor, Keepmoat, as part of the social housing stock transfer from Salix Homes to the Pendleton Private Finance Initiative (PFI) scheme. The regeneration scheme also includes construction of 1,600 new homes in the area.

The eight blocks completed to date have all undergone a major refurbishment, including improvements to their energy performance and the building envelope to enhance thermal performance. The roofing schemes carried out by Weatherwell using Sika Liquid Plastics’ Decothane system have played an important role in this strategy, which has seen each block improved and leased back to the council as part of the PFI.

A performance specification for a liquid system with a 25-year guarantee was issued for all nine blocks, which range in size from 12 storeys to 32. As Keepmoat had previously used the Decothane system successfully on similar projects, the Sika Liquid Plastics product was chosen, and Weatherwell was appointed as an approved contractor.

Kristian Lewis, company manager at Weatherwell, said: “Across the nine blocks there have been significant working at height challenges and the roofs all feature complex detailing, including rooftop plant, old gas flues that have been taken out and new solar p/v installations.

“The ease and speed of installation of the Decothane system made it possible to address these challenges and the technical support we receive from Sika Liquid Plastics throughout a project ensures that we can access specialist expertise in bespoke specification and during the installation.”

Prior to the commencement of each roofing scheme, a technical engineer from the Sika Liquid Plastics’ team surveyed the residential block, measuring the roof and all details and taking moisture readings and core samples to ensure the correct specification was provided for sufficient membrane coverage and excellent adhesion.

The Weatherwell team completed installation of the system for the details first, applying the membrane with brushes or small rollers before cutting Sika’s Reemat Premium glass fibre reinforcement mat to size and shape and applying it to the wet base coat. A top coat was then applied and the system was allowed to cure to create a flexible, seamless membrane.

The larger areas of the roofs were completed using the same system, with the Reemat Premium rolled onto the wet Decothane basecoat as it was applied and a top coat applied to complete the system. A thickness test was carried out while the liquid system was still wet to ensure the integrity of the finished membrane.

Sika Liquid Plastics’ technical team then returned to site to take dry samples and carry out a final inspection before each of the roofing projects was handed over to the client.

Steve Cookson at Sika Liquid Plastics, added: “With no seams and complete adhesion to the contours of all details, the Decothane system ensures there is no vulnerability to water ingress and no risk of delamination.

“Improving these homes for Pendleton residents is part of a cohesive plan of regeneration measures for this area of Salford and we are delighted to help deliver the ninth residential block in this phased programme.”