Driving home the safety message

28  CAM van (Feb 2016)As experts in working at height, safety plays a crucial part of life at CAM Specialist Support. It’s not just the operatives working up buildings who are in potential peril so CAM has also focused on the safety of its drivers, to protect them, their passengers and the public when they are out on the road.

Sean Canty, Director at CAM, explained: “We check our vehicles regularly to ensure they are in good condition and it makes sense to check our drivers too. Fitting our vans with speed trackers and dashboard cameras means that we can assess our operatives’ driving. We can then recognise those who do it well and review, and where appropriate retrain, those whose driving leaves a little to be desired. We’ve all felt the frustration of traffic delays and wanted to make up time, but these tools remind our drivers to be responsible on the roads.

“Making sure people are thinking about their driving style means they are more considerate of other road users and they drive in a more economical style – better for our books and the environment.”

Like any business CAM needs to make money, but being part of the community it works in is also central to CAM’s ethos and this safety initiative is part of that approach. CAM is also a London Living Wage employer and takes on apprentices from the local community.