ESPO launches new public sector banking framework

Designed to make buying banking services easier for the public sector

ESPO, the UK’s largest public sector purchasing organisation, has launched a new banking framework to make the procurement of banking services easier for customers in the public sector.

The launch of this framework comes at an opportune time for over 100 local authorities following the Co-Operative Bank’s recent announcement that it will no longer be able to provide them with banking services as it looks to narrow its focus on retail and small business customers.

Three banks have been carefully selected by ESPO to join the framework. Barclays Bank, Lloyds TSB and Royal Bank of Scotland will offer a range of banking solutions as part of the framework, especially designed to help local authorities, central government, schools, social housing providers, police, NHS, and all other public sector organisations with their banking requirements.

The banks have all agreed to terms and conditions as part of the framework meaning that customers will not need to undergo lengthy negotiation processes with the banks directly to access the best deals.
Customers of the ESPO banking framework can access a range of banking services to suit their requirements. The framework is made up of the three following lots:

  • Lot 1 – General banking services
  • Lot 2 – Merchant acquiring services
  • Lot 3 – Bill payment systems

The banks on the framework have been awarded via a fully EU/UK compliant route and the terms and conditions already in place will underpin all contracts placed under the agreement. ESPO has also assessed the banks based on past performance, experience and technical and professional ability and compliance with the FCA and PCI DSS standards.

Shradha Shikotra, buyer, professional services at ESPO said: “This new banking framework is available to any public sector organisation and has support from the Local Government Association.

“We have worked hard to ensure it covers the needs of our customers and have done all the necessary negotiations with the banks to save our customers from having to undertake this lengthy process themselves.

“All contracts can be customised to meet the specific needs of our customers, safe in the knowledge that they are supported by a robust and regulatory set of terms and conditions.”

With over 30 years’ experience in public sector procurement, ESPO has specialist buying teams with expertise in providing high quality procurement solutions to the public sector on a nationwide basis. It works with a strong and varied supply chain to deliver best value procurement solutions.