Hamworthy condensing boilers and water heaters take pride of place at Hopewood Park hospital

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The ‘Pride Project’ for NHS Northumberland Tyne and Wear was set up to improve mental health and dementia care inpatient facilities for people living in Sunderland and South Tyneside.

The £60 million capital project consisted of a new 122 bed hospital on the former Ryhope hospital site and a new 24-bed dementia care unit on the Monkwearmouth Hospital site in Sunderland.

The new facilities needed an efficient and reliable heating and hot water system that would meet the strict energy standards required for new buildings and supply heating and hot water for the patients 24/7.

With energy efficiency being a key driver to product selection the Project Manager at Crown House Technologies, chose to specify Hamworthy Heating’s condensing water heater, the Dorchester DR-FC Evo, and Fleet condensing wall hung boilers. The products offer gross seasonal efficiencies up to 98% and 97% respectively.

The Project Manager commented, “I selected Hamworthy’s condensing water heater for this project as it has exceptional efficiencies and comprehensive controls that enhance the energy saving condensing performance. From past experience I know it is a product I can really depend on. This coupled with the wall hung condensing boiler all sourced from one supplier helps to simplify the solution, particularly as the mechanical and electrical equipment is just one part of a much larger project.”

The new hospital, named Hopewood Park, comprises six, 18-bed, wards and a 14-bed psychiatric intensive care unit, plus offices, a café, treatment suites and a faith centre. With the hospital split into wards each has their own dedicated plant room with the same equipment and layout. A Fleet wall hung boiler and two Dorchester DR-FC Evo water heaters, with varying outputs depending on the heat demand and hot water usage, are installed in each plant room. Altogether six boilers and twelve water heaters are installed at Hopewood Park and one boiler with two water heaters installed at Monkwearmouth Hospital.

The Project Manager concluded, “All deadlines were met on the project. The hospital has been up and running for six months and we are all pleased with the outcome of the project.”

Both products exceed the minimum efficiency required for new buildings outlined in the Building Regulations Part L 2013 and the Energy Related Products directive which will take effect from September next year.

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