Solution Offers 60,000 Hours Lifetime (L70) and Five Year Warranty

Honeywell today announced the launch of its new LED Panel Light. The new product – perfect for offices and commercial buildings – delivers impressive energy savings, and is easily retrofitted into 600×600 grid ceilings to replace older inefficient fluorescent lighting.

The LED Panel Light uses proprietary driver design specifically matched to the luminaire to maximise the lumen per watt performance and the lifetime of the product. The result is a luminaire that offers an unrivalled 60,000 hours lifetime (L70 @25oC), instantly boosting a facility’s energy efficiency and reducing its carbon consumption. Honeywell is also offering a five year warranty on the product, guaranteeing its lumens depreciation will not exceed 30 per cent over the period.

Statistics published by the Department of Energy and Climate Change (UK, July 2013) show that in 2012, lighting accounted for 19 percent of energy consumption in the UK services sector . Honeywell believes a switch to LED lighting could – considering the UK government’s demanding energy reduction goals – be one of the biggest drivers of energy savings.
The business case for investing in Honeywell’s LED Panel Light is strengthened by the product’s compliance with the government’s Enhanced Capital Allowance (ECA) Scheme. This initiative provides tax relief for businesses on investments that are focused on reducing energy consumption, and Honeywell’s new product meets all of the government’s stringent criteria, lowering its total cost of ownership further.

Neil Garland, LED Product Development Director, EMEA comments: “With pressure on budgets and ambitious environmental targets, an LED panel light that can be quickly and cost effectively retrofitted is a timely solution for our customers. It will drive down energy bills and lower the solution’s total cost of ownership.”

LED modules in the panel light are located within three separate light guides providing a bright, soft and uniform light, trimmed with a high quality aluminium frame for a decorative finish. There is a DALI dimmable variant of the LED Panel Light enabling its integration with localised occupancy, daylight harvesting or the full integration of the product with a lighting control system such as the Ex-Or MLS solution.

An integrated emergency lighting variant is also available to enable the completion of a comprehensive lighting scheme.
Last year, Honeywell launched a free global consulting service focused on aiding the switch to LED. The service offers consultations, site surveys, bespoke lighting schemes and detailed energy and cost saving calculations to provide facility and energy managers with a rigorous energy-saving and ROI assessment before making an investment.