Solihull Hospital now has an international seal of approval after being officially certified for its excellence in waste and environmental management.

The Hospital has been awarded the impressive ‘ISO14001’ quality standard as a result of an 18-month project to train more than 250 staff in waste and environmental issues and introduce an online legal register to keep up-to-date with the latest statutory requirements.

As a result of the Hospital’s drive to be more environmentally aware, more than 13,000 kgs of waste, including paper, cardboard, computers, oil, batteries and more were recycled in 2012.

Andy Cooke, Solihull Hospital facilities environmental representative led the project to obtain the ISO14001 standard.  He said: “This task was initially daunting. It involved a total commitment to fully understand how Solihull’s Hospital’s activities had the potential to harm the environment as well as compliance with external legislation. This was only possible with the help of all involved, from front line staff to senior management, all had an important role.

“Achieving this certification is a great achievement, providing assurance that our environmental responsibilities are being fulfilled.”

He was presented with the ISO14001 certificate by Keith Stanton from National Quality Authority (NQA) who said: “The Hospital should be very proud of its achievement as the ISO14001 certification is not easily obtained. It demonstrates a serious commitment of the organisation’s desire to demonstrate its awareness of its environmental responsibilities.”