Hygienic Hospital Access From Tormax

36  Golden Jubilee Hospital-finalInstalled in countless busy healthcare facilities across the world, TORMAX automatic door systems encourage no-contact access for staff and visitors, making a significant contribution to improved hospital hygiene and security.

“Over the last twelve months we have seen a noticeable increase in demand from hospitals, particularly with existing manual doors being upgraded to automatic swing doors,” comments MD for TORMAX, Simon Roberts. “It easy to see why, as an automated access point allows a patient gurney to be quickly wheeled in and out of an operating theatre, for example, without staff having to touch the doors. This minimises the potential for the spreading of germs.”

With over 60 years of experience in the design, manufacture and installation of bespoke entrances the TORMAX iMotion range of automatic operators offers a technologically advanced solution for almost any location and environment.

Unique in the marketplace, iMotion door drives do not incorporate any of the parts that usually wear out, such as gears and brushes. This ensures that any TORMAX entrance will deliver a long life-expectancy with the absolute minimum of maintenance. Swipe-card access can be incorporated into TORMAX any entrance, allowing staff and patient movement throughout the hospital to be carefully monitored. iMotion technology also allows the doors to be linked to a building’s management control system so functions such as opening speed and hold-open times can be quickly adapted to match requirements.

For operating theatres that require regular deep cleaning, TORMAX offers an IP65-rated door operator that is specifically designed to exceed the requirements of the European Standard for resistance to dust and water penetration.

“The healthcare sector is an area of growth for TORMAX UK,” comments MD, Simon Roberts. “As facilities become upgraded, door automation is seen as an essential component of any hospital refurbishment, offering improved access, security and hygiene”