Is your organisation facing up to the RISKS of E-Cigarettes?

With the increased popularity of the E cigarette there are many aspects to consider whether your organisation permits or prohibits their use.

The smoking ban has now been in force since July 2007 and the E cigarette has been gaining popularity ever since. Many have concerns over the unregulated design and manufacture of the multitude of electronic nicotine delivery systems available. These concerns are both health and safety related.

Due to the unregulated nature ‘safety issues’ have been attributed to the start of over 100 fires caused by the E cigarette charging equipment, some organisations now prohibit the use of charging via USB computer ports.

The Health and Safety Signs Association have been working to develop standardised graphical symbol for the E cigarette. With the objective of creating a harmonious signing system which gives clear instruction of an organisations E cigarette policy.

Some points to consider:

Does the E cigarette fit with your corporate image?

Does it look professional to have employees using these devices in the general work place? OR have you designated a specific area for this activity?

Are you comfortable with the fire risk attributed with the charging of these devices?

What are the health risks?

Whatever stance you decide to take the HSSA has standardised the following graphical symbol(s) to provide sign manufacturers and designers with a unified approach to electronic cigarette policy:


Jalite the world leader in photoluminescent technology has incorporated the HSSA standardised graphical symbol to produce the below product offering:


These signs are designed to help you instruct and inform employees / visitors of your electronic cigarette policy. With the added benefit of Jalite AAA photoluminescent material these signs are visible in both normal and power-loss (blackout) situations, so you can rest assured the safety message is always clear with Jalite.

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