Keraflo launches enhanced water tank control system Tanktronic – with added functionality and ease of use

33  TanktronicKeraflo, manufacturer of ‘Aylesbury’ float valves and tank management systems, has launched an enhanced user-friendly version of its digital water tank control system Tanktronic, which boasts an array of new functionality.

It provides a cutting-edge solution for buildings with water tanks to service a big reserve of water, i.e. hospitals, hotels and office buildings, and allows users complete control over their water stores.

Tanktronic is an electronic tank management system which provides a complete solution to monitoring water levels and temperature, managing and controlling tank filling and feeding information back to building management – all in one box. It has been on the market for three years and is already installed in many prominent buildings such as The O2 Arena in London. One Tanktronic unit can control either one or two single water tanks or a twin tank system.

The enhanced model, which hit shelves at the end of July, has a host of new features including add-ons like the S Module, that expands the system’s operational capability, the Repeater Panel, which enables control from up to 100m away (meaning tanks housed in basements or roofs can be controlled from the comfort of the management office) and the Battery Module, which provides the system up to two days of normal operation in the event of a power failure.

Based upon customer feedback, Tanktronic now also has a calendar (holiday) setting enabling users to vary tank capacity to match demand – a particularly beneficial feature where stagnating water can breed legionella and other deadly bacteria.

In addition to its new features Tanktronic also retains its original capabilities of effectively monitoring and controlling water tank levels and monitoring water temperature, but is now quick and user-friendly to install. The new set-up wizard includes simple step-by-step instructions that prompt the user through the programming of the system and it takes minutes to set up.

Users programme the main control unit to the water tank’s required high and low levels and Tanktronic’s sensors react accordingly. For example, the system is programmed to automatically fill up the tank(s) when the water reaches a specified low level. Tanktronic offers users a secondary ‘alert’ if the level exceeds this stage, and then a third stage ‘override’ level to take evasive action, such as an emergency pump or system shutdown, as required. This three stage process also applies to both high water levels and if temperature limits are exceeded. Similar alerts will indicate faults, ensuring user awareness and if necessary a rapid response to correct any issues.

The additional modules also mean that users have the freedom to build on their systems retrospectively to create bigger and better water management systems as their building’s water requirement may expand.

If users wish to add more devices to the Tanktronic system retrospectively they can simply add on an S Module to boost the system.

Neil Weston, Sales Manager at Keraflo comments: “Tanktronic brings water tank management into the modern age. This is the way people ought to be looking after their stored cold water. It is a cutting edge, unique piece of kit that gives building management more control over their water supplies, offering a complete cost-effective solution to water monitoring and tank management.”

In addition to the relaunch of Tanktronic, Keraflo will also launch its new and improved website on 1st August which will include installer guides, videos and animations as well as the new ‘spec my valve’ feature whereby users can input their requirements and receive a recommendation on the type of valve they need. This feature, along with the new and improved Tanktronic, will enable users to reach the ideal water control solution to suit their needs quickly and conveniently.
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