Keraflo’s Think Tank Guides: Everything you need to know about Cold Water Tank Management

20  Think-Tank-from-KerafloKeraflo, leading UK manufacturer of both ‘Aylesbury’ float valves and tank management systems, has published the first of a series of guides covering professional good practice in the management, maintenance and care of cold water storage tanks in commercial, industrial and institutional buildings.

The guides will be published online ( and are aimed at facilities managers, building maintenance engineers, building owners, technical contractors and H&S specialists.

The first 12-page guide, Best Practice Water Tank Management, considers practical issues such as the principles of storing water, tank integrity, managing water levels, maintaining tank valves, cleaning the tank, and the legal requirement for an air gap.

The next two planned guides which will be published later this year are, Maximising Tank Capacity and Compliance with Water Regulations.

“These are designed to be accessible, easy-to-digest guides for building owners and managers to looking after their cold water storage tank, and that’s certainly the feedback we’ve had so far from people who have downloaded it,” says Neil Weston, Sales Manager at Keraflo.

“In the first guide there is comprehensive advice on managing everything from ensuring the water temperature is kept within safe limits to conducting visual inspections of the tank. It’s gone down very well.

“Maintaining a tank is not complicated, but there are safety issues and legal responsibilities attached to owning a tank, all of which are designed to protect building users. Establishing a sensible routine of care is key to ensuring the tank and the water within it, remains safe to drink.

“We hope these guides will quickly become essential reading for facilities managers and their teams.”

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