Leicester Settles on Night Owl

29  Leicester Night Owl PRLeafield Environmental’s Night Owl bollards can now be found throughout the length and breadth of the county of Leicestershire.

Following an in-depth review and evaluation of the performance of all the major self-righting bollards in 2012, Leicestershire County Council began specifying Night Owl bollards and to date have installed some 700 units across the County.

These passively safe, self-righting bollards have bodies rotationally moulded in a high rigidity polymer material in order to provide a stable surface for signage and conspicuity panels.

Unlike other similar designs that depend on unreliable mechanical means to “bounce back”, Night Owl passively safe bollards have a flexible polymer self-righting system that is proven to return to upright time after time after time.

The Night Owl Bollards have been used to replace many conventional square, illuminated, 4-sided bollards that are prone to damage during a collision and do not possess self-righting properties.