Light dawns for a Cryptosporidium Problem

18  UVLX Series - UV Drinking Water Installation

atg UV Technology, the UK’s leader in ultraviolet disinfection systems, has been awarded a contract by Trant Engineering, for Portsmouth Water.

The contract covers supply and installation of UV units for Cryptosporidium inactivation at two water treatment works: Eastergate and Westergate. Both are 20Ml/d borehole works and each site will be provided with fully automatic duty and standby atg UV UVLW 16800 20 UV reactors. The reactors, which are third party validated to US EPA UVDGM, feature atg UV’s multi-lamp, high output, ultra-efficient 800 Watt Amalgam UV lamps. This is a new technology offering significant cost savings compared to traditional UV lamps. The contract, which is due for completion by mid-2017, will be Portsmouth Water’s first UV installation.

The required 4-log inactivation of Cryptosporidium will be achieved by a validated UV dose of 40 mJ/cm2, and this will be maintained over the full range of works flow by monitoring UV intensity in each reactor and automatically adjusting the dose.

The atg UV UVLW range uses the very latest in Amalgam UV Lamp technology and flow efficient, in-line, L-shaped UV reactors, designed to provide optimum flow distribution and hydraulic performance. As one of only a few available products capable of treating water with UV transmittance as low as 55%, the atg UV UVLW range offers a solution for small, medium and large capacity drinking water and water reuse projects. For more information, please visit