MK Electric Prepares for the Power of Millennials with USB Charging Solutions

21  BedroomMK Electric, the UK’s leading manufacturer of wiring accessories, has integrated its USB charging capabilities into its iconic product portfolio. MK Electric was one of the first UK manufacturers to introduce a range of award winning USB charging modules, and now this technology is being integrated into six of its wiring device ranges including Logic Plus, Metalclad Plus, Albany Plus, Edge, Aspect and the newly introduced Elements range. The USB charging solutions are designed to provide a faster and optimised charging performance and enhance user experience in a world where we are accustomed to the immediacy and convenience that technology provides.

As smartphones and tablets increasingly become the device of choice for business and personal use, the ability to charge these devices via USB ports is critical. This is especially true for millennials (18-34 year olds), who are predicted to account for approximately 75 per cent of the global workforce by 2025, and have come to expect, and even depend on, having connectivity and information at their fingertips.

However, whilst travelling, millennials are often faced with challenges when their devices run out of battery. An online YouGov survey conducted by MK Electric revealed that, while 85 per cent of millennials carry chargeable devices whilst travelling, over a quarter of this age group have lost contact with people they are travelling with due to loss of battery power on their devices. Moreover, according to the survey data, losing battery power can make millennials feel ‘very frustrated’ (39 per cent), ‘anxious’ (26 per cent) and/or ‘in a panic’ (13 per cent) when they are travelling.

Nadine Deery, Channel Marketing Manager says: “As we all become increasingly dependent on technology to support and manage our lifestyles, companies must produce innovative products and solutions to stay in tune with this evolving landscape.” She continues: “At MK Electric, we believe the solution will be found in flexible and reliable solutions that simplify and enhance user experience, such as USB charging capabilities.”

USB charging becomes more sophisticated with MK Electric’s ability to provide optimum charging compatibilities. The MK USB Integrated Sockets include Dynamic Device Recognition; the ability to detect charging nuances in the device and its appetite for power. The Dynamic Device Recognition is unique to each USB port, which means that different manufacturers’ devices on both iOS and Android can be charged simultaneously without any impairment to the other. For the ultimate user experience, each port can also charge different types of devices, such as smartphones and tablets, at the same time.

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The MK USB Integrated Sockets offer a simple but powerful advantage for airports, hotels, universities, schools, offices and retail outlets for quick and convenient charging. The fixed installation USB chargers remove the need for continual PAT testing of adaptors, reducing the risk of unapproved chargers being used, which can lead to damage of devices.

Designed with versatility in mind, the MK Electric USB Integrated Socket has its USB ports vertically stacked under the rockers allowing for each of the USB outlets to be used simultaneously, even when transformer plug tops are in use. This strategic design provides space to manoeuvre charging cords and reduces stress on cables while charging. Users can also benefit from the fixed installation USB charger by requiring just one cable to be used for multiple devices, which avoids the need to carry a variety of bulky adaptors for different devices.

While building innovation into its product ranges, MK Electric has ensured that safety, quality and reliability are, as always, at the forefront of design. The USB Integrated Sockets, like the entire MK wiring device ranges, include a 3-Pin “Child Resistant Shutter System”, designed to inhibit access to the electricity supply, unless all 3 pins of a standard British 13A plug are in position. In addition, the Logic Plus range, with its high grade thermoset material, provides inherent antimicrobial properties.

The easy to install USB Integrated Sockets hold the CE mark as they conform to all of the safety certification and approvals applicable for a 13A socket including BS5733, BS1363-2 and IEC 61558-2-16. All products will fit into a 35mm back box, with the exception of the Edge range which requires a 47mm back box.

MK Electric offer a wide range of front-plates in a variety of finishes and its Design Service also allows customers to create their own bespoke combinations. The USB Integrated Sockets are available from May 2015.

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