Moisture, Mould and Measurement

28 paint-416Vapour Flow through Building Materials and Structures

Vapour can be a big problem for buildings as it affects both the health of the building’s structure and the health of people who live or work inside. It has been linked to dust mites, asthma, allergies and even the collapse of buildings. To meet the regulations you need to measure the permeability of the finished system and / or that of each of the products, barriers and coatings involved.

The Versaperm VI system can do all this for you. Vapour permeability is always important, but especially so when you are developing new or improved products. It can measure the permeability of anything from a coating of paint to a building board or vapour barrier or from an entire wall structure to a roofing or flooring system.

Products as diverse as paint, plasterboard, membranes, screeds, laminates and sealants all allow you to control the vapour flow of air and moisture throughout a building. Traditionally measuring this is expensive and may take weeks, but with the latest product range from Versaperm it can now be done in as little as thirty minutes for some products, at the same time as being more accurate and less costly.

The equipment is typically accurate in the parts per million range, parts per billion can be achieved for some materials and vapours, and can optionally measure permeability not only for water vapour but also for CO2, hydrocarbons, oxygen and virtually any other gas or vapour.

Using products with the wrong permeability has caused products to fail, equipment to leak and even buildings to collapse.

Versaperm is a world-technology leader and offers, as well as the equipment, a fast turn-around building products lab testing service for companies with an infrequent need for testing. Results are typically produced within 24 hours.