28  Fassaden_06_FW50+_SGA new innovation from leading UK building envelope specialist, Schueco UK, is the FW 50+ SG.SI, a large-scale, aluminium, structural glazing façade system which combines an attractive flush-fitted appearance with outstanding insulation values.

The Schueco FW 50+ SG.SI optimises thermal insulation through the use of double- or triple-glazing up to 64 mm thick with enhanced isolator technology and features a new economical option for fixing the glass units to the aluminium structure. This new fixing option can also be used with existing Schueco SG façades.

Another innovation is a new cruciform glazing support system that means the façade can accommodate glass units up to 2.6 metres wide and 4.2 metres high and weighing up to 650 kg. An apparently seamless all-glass external appearance is achieved by means of slender, flush-fitted, wet-sealed joints, the profiles being visible only from the inside.

As an alternative, it is possible to give the façade a semi-structural look if required and the wide range of cover caps available can be used to provide either horizontal or vertical emphasis to its exterior.

Integrated Schueco AWS 102 top-hung and parallel vents are available with either manual or motor driven opening, depending on size. New vents, designated Schueco AWS 114 SG.SI, will be introduced in autumn 2013.  These will allow glass dimensions up to 1500 mm wide x 3600 mm high or 2700 mm wide x 2500 mm high with a maximum weight of 250 kg. They will have the option of new Schueco TripTronic concealed motor drives for maximum aesthetic appeal and ease of operation.