New and Innovative Solution for Healthcare Establishments

38MAT-Eco-flow-print-smallSpecialist engineering company Medical Air Technology (MAT) recently launched their revolutionary ECO-flow range of energy efficient, ultra-clean ventilation canopies for use in cutting-edge, modern operating theatres. This has proved an innovative solution for healthcare establishments. Current projects utilising ECO-flow include complete theatre renovations and upgrade programmes including advancement of equipment to comply with existing and pending regulations.

The system is designed to meet the ever increasing theatre demand, whilst maximising the ultraclean zone and considerably reducing energy with potential savings of approximately £7,000 per unit per year.

Groundbreaking levels of energy efficiency are achieved owing to extremely speed variable and highly efficient fans whilst resourceful centrifugal fans reduce significant heat gains needing less cooling from the supply air. As a result ECO-flow can work in a full ultraclean mode absorbing less than 1.6kW of power which can be up to 60% lower than other canopies. Typical running cost per day is considerably less than £1.25.

Another core feature is the user-friendly compact, state of the art PLC control panel with touch screen HMI which provides individual control and monitoring of the fans as well as providing easy integration with existing control systems and theatre controls.

As regulations are becoming more stringent it is now more important than ever to be fully compliant. ECO-flow ensures total compliance with the requirements of the NHS Health Technical Memorandum HTM03-01 parts A & B.

For a hospital that requires innovative clean air technologies, ECO-flow is the perfect solution as it is both cost effective and energy efficient which in turn reflects the care that a hospital provides their patients.