A new website aims to make connections with healthcare commissioners and providers and local authorities and highlights the help available to save money as well as improve outcomes.

The website was launched this week and offers quick and easy access to a wide-ranging overview of what Greater Manchester Commissioning Support Unit (GMCSU) does as well as evidence of the benefits of its approach.

GMCSU was set up in April this year and provides clients – including Greater Manchester’s 12 NHS Clinical Commissioning Groups, local authorities and NHS England – with a portfolio of tailored services. These encompass specialist clinical support, healthcare commissioning and business support services, ranging from medicines management to IT, contracting, HR, communications and others.

Leigh Griffin, GMCSU Managing Director, said: “The new website not only tells people what we do but it also shows our values through highlighting our work in local communities and with partners, colleagues and clients. Our focus is on showing how the organisation works together as a whole not just as individual specialised services.

“We want to build excellent relationships with clients and we hope our website will help to demonstrate how, as an expert and trusted partner, we offer a valued source of expertise and insight into the NHS, local authorities and the context in which they work.”

It boasts a modern, colourful design and has a cutting edge single page structure, making it easy to navigate through different sections and never stray from the main page.

It has seven main sections: About us, Our team, Our services, Our case studies, Our clients, Our partners and the extra mile. Each section provides detailed information on the different aspects of the organisation’s functioning.

As well as a comprehensive overview of the organisation’s work, features include latest news, upcoming events, and a section which includes opinions and blogs by GMCSU Managing Director Leigh Griffin.

The website makes full use of GMCSU’s innovative branding which pushes the boundaries of how traditional NHS sites look.

This is the first phase of the development of the website. Future additions will include a password protected area for GMCSU clients to receive personalised information and additional resources.