Non-PVC Door Protection Sheet Launched by Leading Manufacturer

Intastop - Doncaster Royal Infirmary Gamma Unit.A revolutionary non-PVC door protection sheet has been added to the product portfolio of leading door and wall protection company, Intastop Ltd.

Renowned for its anti-bacterial and PVC protection sheets, the company has launched the product onto the market following hugely successful trials.  

“The non-PVC version of our popular protection sheet is perfect for specifiers who either wish to, or are obliged to, fulfil environmental credentials when sourcing their products,” commented Sarah Barsby Marketing Director Intastop Ltd. “It looks identical to our standard PVC Impact sheeting with the same impact benefits and the advantage of being environmentally friendly and has the added benefit of being easily cut to differing size and shapes.”

The sheeting is 100 per cent recyclable and is produced without any harmful chemicals (Halogen free, no PBT’s, no BPA’ making it environmentally friendly.

“We recognise that there is an ever increasing requirement for environmentally friendly products both in terms of their production and their recyclable properties,” said Sarah. “We are delighted to be supporting existing and new customers by adding the non-PVC sheet to our already extensive product range. And to ensure we can meet high levels of demand, we’ve made provisions to have plenty sheets in stock for immediate despatch.’’ 

Intastop’s non-PVC protection sheet is ideally suited to the healthcare and public sectors and can be used for kick / push plates, as well as bespoke projects.

Intastop has also developed a range of adhesives for the application of their full impact protection products. The range includes water based contact, hygienic cladding and spray contact adhesives. To ensure a high level finish, Intastop has a range of coloured sealants that perfectly match both the standard and non PVC impact protection sheet colours.

Intastop remains a market leader in the healthcare and public sectors for door and wall protection having the knowledge, expertise and ability to develop products that fulfil customer requirements.