Peterborough City Council Places First Order With Honeywell to Cut Energy Costs at Eight Council Sites

Energy Efficiency Upgrades To Generate Guaranteed Savings Of £163,000 Annually For 15 Years

 32  Peterborough Town Hall

Honeywell (NYSE: HON) announced that it has received an energy performance contract order from Peterborough City Council to perform energy efficiency upgrades to eight facilities owned by the Council, including the town hall, swimming pools, a leisure centre, a library and a car park.

Honeywell has proposed a range of energy conservation measures for the facilities that are expected to generate annual energy savings of £163,000 at current usage rates over the 15-year period. The energy savings are guaranteed by Honeywell, and the upgrades to the facilities are expected to be completed in about six months.

Measures include upgrades to or replacement of building control systems, an air handling unit, lighting systems and pool filtration systems. A behaviour management programme will be supported by the installation of information dashboards within a number of the facilities. The Council selected the measures to be implemented following a comprehensive engineering analysis of the current energy performance at each facility by Honeywell.

“We’ll be using our experience, expertise and resources to drive energy reductions and to ensure ongoing demand is both minimised and optimised,” said James Napier, general manager-energy for Honeywell. “With more contract awards anticipated in the future, this framework will help the Council to cut its energy bill and to reduce its carbon tax. The same framework is also available to other organisations and local authorities, meaning that they too could enjoy similar benefits from a proven and effective programme”

“Implementing appropriate energy efficiency programmes using energy performance contracts enables us to benefit immediately from the improvements while using future, guaranteed operational savings to reduce capital budget requirements for maintenance and refurbishment,” said John Harrison, Executive Director, Resources at Peterborough City Council. “We’re delighted that we’re seeing a real return from this exciting initiative.”

The performance contract order follows Honeywell Building Solutions’ appointment as Peterborough City Council’s framework delivery partner in 2013.