Portakabin Group Publishes Guide to Help Schools and Academies Procure New Teaching Accommodation

34  Portakabin Rotherham Schools 6851-180The Portakabin Group, the UK’s leading modular building specialist, has published a new guide to help schools and academies procure new teaching facilities – from self-contained permanent classroom blocks to complete purpose-designed schools.

Schools across the UK are facing increased demand for places as a result of changing demographics caused by rising birth rates and levels of immigration. Many have an urgent requirement to expand existing teaching accommodation and others need to upgrade or rebuild ageing building stocks simply to maintain education standards. All of this is at a time when public sector budgets are being cut and funding for new projects is severely restricted.

It has therefore never been more important for schools to find long-lasting building solutions that are fast and cost effective, without compromising the quality of facilities for pupils.

This latest in a series of reports, which can be downloaded from www.portanews.co.uk/reports, aims to help schools and academies avoid some of the most common pitfalls when procuring new buildings, ensure the facilities meet both current and future requirements, and are delivered on time and on budget.

The new report, entitled ‘Get The Most From Your Next School Building Programme’, provides a useful five step guide to procuring new buildings for schools. It looks at:

  • Planning
  • Method of construction
  • Design
  • Project management
  • Selecting a modular building specialist

Modular construction is a fast and cost-effective way for schools to expand teaching facilities, particularly on constrained sites. Complete, fully-fitted buildings can be delivered in a fraction of the time of a site-based construction solution, sometimes just days from receipt of order and are built to permanent standards.

Critically, modular buildings can be installed with the minimum disruption to staff and pupils and it is a much safer approach as the majority of fitting out is carried out off site. This is an important factor where a new building is required on an existing and operational school site.

The Portakabin Group has the resources to deliver both bespoke projects and standardised accommodation solutions for both permanent and interim applications, in the most challenging timescales, with programme times reduced by up to 50 per cent and much less impact on the environment.

To download a copy of the new report for schools and academies, visit www.portanews.co.uk/reports.

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