Prosperity & Growth Hand in Hand with Carbon Reduction

Prosperity and carbon reduction can go hand in hand to grow the world economy, the UK Government’s new vision for a global climate deal published today sets out.

Paris 2015: Securing Our Prosperity Through a Global Climate Change Agreement explains why we need a global climate deal, why one is good for the UK and what it needs to look like when it is finalised in Paris next year.

The document says acting now to reduce greenhouse gas emissions can help prevent the worst effects of climate change and can bring significant benefits to all countries. A global deal would make tackling climate change much easier as it would give a decisive political signal that the future is low carbon, opening new markets and reducing technology costs.

Energy and Climate Change Secretary Ed Davey said:

“You can go green and continue to prosper and develop – that is the strong message we will be taking to the global community in the coming months.

“There is an increasing political will from big and small countries alike to tackle climate change both through domestic action and in the international negotiations. And it is not just governments who want a deal, there is wide spread support from businesses, NGOs and campaign groups both in the UK and internationally.

“I’m confident that the momentum is building to make Paris next year a decisive point in history. A moment when the world comes together and agrees action that will move it towards a safer, healthier and more prosperous future.”

The Paris 2015 document will be launched today at a joint event hosted by Aviva Investors and the Department Energy and Climate Change in the City to an audience of business leaders and NGOs.

Mark Wilson, Group Chief Executive of Aviva plc, said:

“We can’t assume we have access to unlimited natural resources and that we can consume them without consequences. How we behave today risks leaving a terrible legacy for the future – not just for humanity as a whole, but also for long-term business success.

“So it’s vital that a legally binding global climate deal is agreed in Paris next year and I welcome the lead the UK Government is taking, not least through today’s publication.”

By working with countries across the globe, the UK’s vision for the 2015 agreement is that it:

  • Delivers ambitious and fair commitments from all countries to reduce emissions;
  • Tracks progress, builds trust and facilitates increased ambition in the future;
  • Provides support to those who need it, particularly the poorest and most vulnerable to develop climate resilience.

The UK wants commitment from all countries to reduce their emissions but this does not mean that all commitments will be the same. They will vary in type and by ambition. Countries will need to make the low carbon transition in a way that reflects their national situation, the opportunities available to them, and both their relative past and future contributions to climate change.