Rainwater Harvesting – The Answer to Your Water Woes?

Rainwater is hot news at the moment; too much of it, too little of it, how to manage it. How do you deal with and make the most of nature’s most abundant, free resource ? Rainwater can bring life to those living in areas of water stress, but devastation in the form of flooding. However, with expert management through rainwater harvesting and attenuation one of our most powerful resources can be harnessed, controlled and re-used, removing our water woes!

So how can the sustainable technology of rainwater harvesting be beneficial to the public sector?

Save Water – Reduce your mains water usage by up to 75%

The majority of our clients enjoy savings on their mains water bills of between 50-75% and one client has used over 930,000 Litre’s of rainwater during the last 5 months alone. Rainwater harvesting can deliver significant returns on investment, especially with larger buildings with a high water demand, which may achieve a payback of between 2-5 years. Many public sector buildings have roof areas which, conveniently, can provide the right amount for their water demand.

We are entering an age where wastage is frowned upon and the public sector has the opportunity to lead the way in a sustainable water management approach, by utilizing rainwater harvesting in schools, offices, transport depots and leisure facilities across the UK.

Save Money – Save your budget!

Rainwater harvesting systems can have a significant impact in reducing the running costs of a building; far exceeding other water saving products. With budgets under strain the investment in rainwater harvesting is not often as significant as many think and with rising water bills, reducing public sector spending on utilities is being welcomed by local authorities in all areas of the country.

Save the Environment – Sustainable water technology

The Environment Agency have predicted that we will soon, no longer have enough available water in the UK to supply demand. It makes perfect sense to collect rainwater locally from our roof areas and filter this on site, rather than wastefully sending it straight to drain to be transported and treated to drinking water quality, before being redistributed in the mains water supply. Over 50% of our daily water use does not need to be treated to drinking water quality. For companies who wish to demonstrate a serious commitment to their sustainability agenda, rainwater harvesting is a must have technology.

Control Flooding as well as saving money

It would be highly unusual for any new building to not have a requirement for some sort of stormwater retention on site. With Stormsaver’s new technologies we can provide a way to attenuate water on site and at the same time re-use it in the building, saving you money and flooding problems, and assisting with planning conditions.

Stormsaver – established, reliable, trusted

Stormsaver have been in the construction industry since 2003 and have over 1600 commercial systems installed across the UK. Our portfolio includes some extremely high profile and complex buildings, including Primary and Secondary Schools, public sector buildings such as libraries and leisure facilities and offices.

Bespoke specifications to your individual requirements

Stormsaver manufacture our own products here in the UK, meaning we can create a system to suit the building. We can build bespoke control panels with automatically cleaning filtration, fixed speed, variable speed or eco-friendly pumps and tanks built to suit your requirements. All systems meet the British Standard for Rainwater Harvesting BS8515 and WRAS Guidelines to prevent cross-contamination of the mains water system.

Quality in service

It’s not just about the product. Service levels can make or break a strong working relationship and providing a reliable, knowledgeable service is where Stormsaver excel. Don’t believe us? Just take a look at some of the testimonials on our web site www.stormsaver.com Over 40% of our team have been with Stormsaver for over 10 years! We are all passionate about water conservation and really believe in our product.

Quality of product

Manufacturing our own product range enables us enormous flexibility to respond to our clients product requirements. Our Combi range of control panels provide an all in one solution, suitable for new build and retrofit projects. The Combi houses controls, electrics, filters and auto mains water top up in one unit. We provide non-pressurised and pressurised solutions as well as roof top collection systems. We manufacture single piece underground tanks up to 170,000 Litre’s and above ground tanks in either single or sectional arrangements in any size or dimension that you need.


Not only do we provide reliable products, we maintain them too. Our expert engineers can attend site bi-annually, to fully service the rainwater harvesting system. We offer tank cleaning services, replacement parts including UV disinfection lamps, system upgrades for any brand which may not be operational and legionella testing.

Contact Stormsaver

Our team are ready to help you with your rainwater harvesting solutions. Call us on 0844 8840015, email us at enquiries@stormsaver.com or visit us on www.stormsaver.com or @stormsaver on Linkedin.