Recticel Insulation has underlined the outstanding quality and performance of its products by making a Declaration of Performance for each one readily available via its website.

The move follows the recent July 1st deadline when the Construction Products Regulations (CPR) came into force, replacing the Construction Products Directive. “The Regulations make it mandatory for manufacturers to add CE marking to all their products and to also make Declarations of Performance available for each one,” comments Recticel Insulation’s Technical Manager, Peter Wilcox.

“Our products already carried the appropriate markings prior to the change, as we were already CE Marking. We’ve now made the declarations downloadable from our website so that customers can access them at the click of a mouse, or even at the scan of a QR label which has been added to the actual CE Marked product label”

The declarations provide all the appropriate information on the various insulation products in the Recticel range, including essential product characteristics such as thermal resistance, dimensional tolerances and compressive strength.

“The website is a far more practical solution than having to issue a paper document with each product. Some in the construction products industry might see the new requirements that the CPR has introduced as being onerous, but we see them as an opportunity to promote the quality and consistency of our products,” adds Peter..

“We want anyone associated with our products – whether they are an installer, merchant or distributor – to know that our products are fully compliant with the relevant European Standard and that the information they need is available whenever they need it.”