Roles and Disciplines within Estates/Facilities Management

Facilities managers have extensive responsibilities for providing, maintaining and developing a myriad of services. These range from property strategy, space management and communications infrastructure to building maintenance, administration and contract management.

EN15221-1 defines FM itself, basic terms related and the scope of FM:


* Accommodation (client demand for space is satisfied by services such as programming, design and acquisition of space, but also the administration and management of space and its disposal)

* Workplace (client demand for a working environment is satisfied by services related to internal and external environments, fitting out with furniture, equipment and tenants)

* Technical infrastructure (client demand for utilities is satisfied by services resulting in a comfortable climate, lighting, etc.)

* Cleaning (client demand for hygiene and cleanliness is satisfied by the services that maintain a proper working environment and help maintain assets in good condition)

* Other space and infrastructure (specific or individual demands)



* Health, safety and security (client demand for a safe environment is satisfied by services that protect from external dangers or internal risks as well as the health and well-being of the people)

* Hospitality (client demands for hospitality is satisfied by services providing a hospitable working environment makes people feel welcome and comfortable)

* ICT (client demand for information and communication is satisfied by services providing information and telecommunication technologies)

* Logistics (client demand for information is satisfied by services concerned with the transport and storage of goods and information and improving relevant processes)

* Other support services (client demand for other support services such as human resource management, accounting, procurement and photographic services is satisfied by a range of processes)

The business services covered are:

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