Secrets Keep Safer With New Desk Side Mini-Bin

Nine out of ten UK businesses have been victims of business fraud or security breaches in the past year, according to a government survey.

A survey of facilities and compliance managers, conducted by recycling bin manufacturer Leafield Environmental, reveals that 70% of respondents said their organisation provides confidential waste bins only 5% are actually close to their desks. Eight out of 10 (76%) are located in shared recycling zones even though almost half of those questioned (43%) agreed they would be more vigilant and more likely to use a confidential bin if it was placed next to their desk.

The new Mini-Meridian Confidential Bin is a new design which comes complete with a lockable lid, a pull along handle and wheels to make it easy to move to central recycling or document shredding zones. The new bin will be available in the New Year.