Seregate Your Wood Waste For Value For Money

Segregating wood waste is key to keeping your disposal costs low, according to a national wood recycler.

Separating wood waste into different grades of material should mean companies pay less for disposing of clean wood including soft white woods such as pallets, cable drums, floorboards and joists, than they do for lower grades such as MDF and kitchen furniture.

Vicki Hughes, Group Business Development Director, at Hadfield Wood Recyclers, said: “If companies looking to recycle their wood waste can segregate it into the different grades, they should find they are paying less per tonne for disposing of the cleaner woods than the lower grades, and in some cases they may even get paid for the very clean wood.”

To help to clarify the process, the Wood Recyclers Association operates a grading system that breaks down wood waste into three useable grades (A – C), from clean white wood to low grade woods such as MDF, and everything in between. Professional wood recyclers will work to that grading system and may even offer training to help recognise the different types of wood and how to segregate it to ensure the cheapest disposal costs.