TORMAX Access Improves School Safeguarding

Significantly upgrading safeguarding standards, Derbyshire County Council Construction has recently completed a new reception area at the William Allitt School, incorporating a sliding automatic entrance system from TORMAX. Giving good visibility from the office, staff can easily monitor people and pupils as they come into and leave the building.

Powered by the TORMAX iMotion 2302 sliding door operator, a long-life span with exceptional reliability is assured thanks to the unique, high-torque motor that has been cleverly designed without any of the elements that commonly wear out, such as gears and brushes.

Located in Newhall, Derbyshire, William Allitt is a secondary school with nearly 900 pupils. The old entrance to the main building was concealed within a recessed courtyard with the office situated elsewhere, meaning there was no external door security.

Aiming to improve the safeguarding of pupils, the newly constructed reception area includes an office, waiting area, meeting room and toilets. Creating a smart, aesthetically welcoming entrance, the TORMAX sliding door system is finished in both a dark and light-blue powder coated aluminium, echoing the school colours and providing visual contrast.

In addition to delivering an access solution that minimises bottlenecks at busy times of the day, the new automatic entrance positively contributes to the sustainability of the school. Pushing the boundaries of intelligent functionality, the iMotion 2302 control system automatically configures itself during operation, for example in response to temperature changes, effectively lowering energy consumption for door operation as well as maintaining the ambient internal temperature of a building.

Heating bills can further be minimised using the sensitive, easy-to-programme control that allows door movement to be set to suit weather conditions and weight of pedestrian traffic.
Launched three years ago, the iMotion 2302 fills a gap in the market for an operator with an especially narrow installation height. Measuring just 150mm, it is sufficiently slender to blend seamlessly into the façade of almost any building yet is still capable of automating door leaf weights of up to 180kgs.

Finally, if requirements change in the future, the William Allitt School can be reassured that the complete iMotion range is modular by design, making it straightforward and cost-effective to expand the system.