West Kirby Train Station showcases refurbishment with newly installed Sika Liquid Plastics roof

25  West Kirby Sika LP 2

In a standout project by leading national roofing company Briggs Amasco, as part of refurbishment works at West Kirby Railway Station, the main platform now includes 900sq m of Sika Liquid Plastics roofing system.

West Kirby Station’s 1930s train canopy, with its concrete/timber deck and skylights, had started to leak due to its age. Repairs were previously undertaken as a short term fix, but owing to a degree of concrete spoiling that was causing material to drop on the platform, a refurbishment of the roof was deemed well overdue.

As part of the West Kirby Railway Station building and refurbishment works, Network Rail, under CP4 funding, issued the contract for the station roof repairs to Briggs Amasco. The station refurbishment included a new roof, stripping and painting of the underside of the station canopy, CCTV installation and new lighting.

Asbestos testing uncovered traces of chrysotile asbestos in the roof so a highly experienced asbestos removalist, Howard Stott Demolition, was employed to undertake the job of stripping off the existing roof coverings and dealing with the issue.

Following this delay, work on renewing the roof began in July 2014. At the client’s request, Briggs Amasco installed 900sq m of Sika Liquid Plastics roofing system, including a Decothane Delta 25 Liquid Plastics product with 120mm thick Decotherm insulation and Decothane base and top coats. These materials were chosen for their long life span and environmental credentials, as required by the client, with the cold applied system resulting in an eco-friendly application.

The main challenge of the project was undertaking the work in the middle of a busy train station near a residential area, so issues regarding noise and disturbance had to be considered.

The train station was kept open while the works took place which meant there needed to be as little disruption to staff, the public and commuters as possible. Acoustic mats and polythene were used to keep dust and noise to a minimum. Briggs Amasco was able to ensure quick application of the Sika Liquid Plastics roofing system and the product was readily available so the client’s tight time requirements were met.

Working in harnesses, during possessions and during the night in cold temperatures, the job included complex detailing, installation of new full barrel vault roof lights and a Latchways ManSave system. Concrete repairs to the roof were completed and a specific colour paint was used on the trim to match the corporate colours of the rail operator.

Gerry Ashton, Briggs Amasco Contracts Manager, said: “The roof installation was challenging because of the methodology of the works; all operatives had to be fully harnessed up as you could not put a handrail up due to the third rail. Being clipped in at all times was essential while undertaking these works and working weekends was a must to ensure the project was completed on time.

“The overall aesthetics of the project is first class, everyone who worked on the project has done a great job and it is a very pleasing outcome.”