YPO offers flexible way to procure enforcement agency services

YPO, the UK’s largest public sector organisation, has recently announced news of its collaboration with The Civil Enforcement Association (CIVEA) to create a dynamic purchasing system (DPS) for enforcement agencies.

The DPS has been established to allow public sector customers to procure services for the provision of enforcement agency services, which includes the collection of all debt types such as council tax, parking fines, road traffic fines as well as social care debts.

Customers can benefit from using a DPS as it’s more flexible than a traditional public sector framework as suppliers can come on board at any time during the term – but it still offers a compliant way to tender for contracts.

An added benefit of YPO’s DPS for enforcement agencies is the partnership with CIVEA, which provides further support to local authority customers. The support includes ready-made document templates which can be used during the process as well as a dedicated in-house team to hand-hold customers through the process.

YPO’s head of procurement Gillian Askew said: “We’re delighted to partner with CIVEA to launch this new DPS to the public sector, as it offers not just a supported and flexible solution for customers, but also a sustainable tendering portal for the benefit of both clients and contractors. We can help customers through the procurement process, providing them guidance and support at all stages.

CIVEA’s endorsement also demonstrations the strong credibility of the DPS, in what can be a challenging industry.”

CIVEA’s president Kevin McCarthy said: “By partnering with YPO, we’ve been able to pass on great value to local authorities during times of stringent budget cuts. We’re committed to providing long-term support and anticipate this DPS will become the preferred choice for authorities looking to procure enforcement agency services.”

YPO’s previous DPS for enforcement agencies has since expired, which has provided YPO and CIVEA with an opportunity to widen the scope and make improvements to the solution. For example, the previous DPS focused on the collection of council tax, parking fines and non-domestic rates but now the expanded offering includes services such as traveller evictions and the collection of other debt types like social care fees.

If you’d like to find out more about YPO’s DPS for enforcement agencies visit ypo.co.uk